Thursday, June 24, 2010


This is usually the question (coupled with a curious stare) I get when I start to talk about the details of my wedding.

Yes, I'm engaged! And in a few days I will have been for a year- a year that went by faster than I could have imagined. My fiance, Seth, and I decided to have a crazy long engagement that will total a little more than two years. We decided that it would be best to hold off the wedding until I had graduated and we both had a little more time to settle into our careers.

So what does baseball have to do with it? Seth loves- I mean LOVES LOVES LOVES- sports of any kind. His two biggest (sport) loves are football and baseball. Our falls are filled with Sundays (and occasional Monday nights) having friends over to watch the Packers, while our summers are filled with trips down to Milwaukee to tailgate before watching the Brewers play.

Before we were engaged we talked about how fun it would be to have a baseball themed wedding. Something to have fun with and really showcase something we've loved over the years together. Since our engagement we've had fun coming up with different ideas to tie in our baseball theme with the wedding. Some ideas include: a will call table with tickets for escort cards, vintage coke bottle centerpieces and peanuts & cracker jacks as favors.

Our very first picture together... of course at Miller Park! (April 2007)

I'm excited to see the wedding come together over the next year as we anxiously await our big day- September 4th 2011!

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