Tuesday, July 27, 2010

flight of fancy

Every summer near the end of July Oshkosh hosts the International Experimental Aircraft Association Fly-In Convention- known around here as EAA. For this event thousands of aircraft enthusiasts from around the world visit Oshkosh's EAA grounds to visit the museum, view unique aircrafts, catch the daily afternoon air show and much more.

For four years now I've worked as a waitress in downtown Oshkosh and every year I enjoy meeting new faces from around the world. It's always nice too to see the faces that come back year after year as well.

Even though I don't know too much about Aviation, it's fun to watch the unique aircrafts fly overhead in the air show. Although I've never actually visited the convention grounds during EAA it's an event I look forward to summer after summer.

airplane vinyl wall decal by circle line studios

aviator skirt by urban sapling

tailwind pinup by vanguard gallery

plane and simple by verdigris dye


  1. hope its not too crazy up there for ya.

  2. I love the vintage image. have fun, i wish i could go. sounds like a good tim.