Thursday, July 1, 2010


I’ve never been a huge fan of the long cold winter months here in Wisconsin. However, there is one thing that always seems to make it a bit better, a nice warm cup of tea!

A few winters ago my then roommate and dear friend Ellen and I had many kitchen study sessions always accompanied by a nice cup of hot tea. This Christmas I saw it fitting to make her a lovely tea wallet that she was delighted to receive.

I’ve been a big fan of tea since I was really little. I remember spending time at camp grandma & grandpa eating breakfasts of oatmeal and berries and drinking hot tea. My favorite kind of tea is Bigelow’s Perfect Peach; it always reminds me of those summers with my grandparents.

So today I present you with teatime, best enjoyed with a nice warm cup of your favorite tea.

Top row from left: tiny teacups print by Abby Powell found here,
afternoon tea by
Benja Harvey
Middle row from left: vintage teabag holder via
tea and blueberries via
Julia Stotz
Bottom row from left: ellen's tea wallet by me,
teatime via
mia charmed, i'm sure

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